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$1 plus an ebook! My very first self-published novella, Gods of War, will be available for download for EPUB & MOBI versions.
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About Karel D.K.

Greetings, good people of Earth! I have come to Patreon in peace and have no other intention but to bring joy. Well, not entirely true. Some of the stories might cause you to flip tables or irregularity in breathing (okay, that was an exaggeration). My point is I'm here to bring out the excitement with storytelling.

My name is Karel Dharmananda Kosasih. Yes, that is my name and yes, it is freaking long therefore I prefer Karel D.K. on the display. I am an Indonesian and have lived in Malaysia and Australia, away from home for about 10 years now. I used to study science, physics particularly, and loved all things about universe and the great unknown. But I love one thing more than that: writing. I love writing science fiction and fantasy, telling stories of weird and insane characters from fantastic worlds that I never want to admit to be fictional. They may be fictitious but doesn't mean they can't exist in our world. Being real takes many forms.

And now I have more time to write about them I can share more to the world. Here lies the challenge. I am at that point in life where I have to start earning for myself. Being the way I am and what I love to do, writing is the most available thing for me to earn some pennies. Of course by available I mean things crazy enough for me to venture with limited experience and skills and won't chew and then spit me out badly. Plus, did I tell you I really like writing? And while I'm working towards being a novelist and hopeful publication in the next year or two I still have responsibility to carry. 

That's where Patreon comes in; giving me another opportunity to get extra money. With its way of operation, the website provides me a chance to not only get paid for my shorter works but also build bigger audience. This is also my quest in forming my mercenary army, The Insaners!

I'm gonna post sci-fi and fantasy flash fictions, short stories,and chapters from a fantasy novella on weekly basis. You can choose which tier you want to pledge and will be charged per creation, of course Patreon allows you to change the tier or even stop pledging at anytime, so no pressure. And as the support gets bigger and my goals get fulfilled little by little I will be able to offer more pieces more frequently, like twice or thrice a week. As for the rewards, I have listed every tier with the rewards on the page as well. In short, what you will get:
  • $1 you will get access to the stories here on Patreon.
  • $2 you will get reward from $1 plus my novella available for download.
  • $3 you will get rewards from $2 plus a thank you letter from a character.
  • $5 you will get rewards from $3 plus drafts of a sci-fi book I'm writing or drafts from other novellas AND concept ideas of the stories.
  • Additionally, this extra tier will only come out every 4 months. It's a bit of surprise so let's just wait.

So here I am, asking for your support and pledge for this journey. Here I am, venturing to the great unknown with nothing but the feeling there are some readers insane enough to join me on this adventure. Here I am, looking to inspire you and waiting to be inspired by you. I know you are out there, Insaners, and I invite you to tag along. You'll help me get through my life and I'll help you get through yours. I hope my stories can ease your hard days and when you read my works, wherever you are or whatever you're doing or how angry you are at the world, you can smile a little.

Let us conquer the world together.

$7 of $50 per story
Everybody has to start with something and here's mine. This goal is my first milestone and with it I can purchase stories, read and do more research, and have spare change for meals.
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