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This is Imagination Animations, a budding animation studio where good quality stories and animation are the key focus of this small studio!  My passion is 2D, though I intend to master 3D Animation and modeling.  Until then, I am intent to excel above my 2D animation, and do better than what I do now!

For joining my Patreon, you get early access to a lot of my artwork that I post on my DeviantArt, as well as written stories (typed is the proper term), animations, and some insight on bigger, future projects I hope to pursue.

If you have a great talent that can help me create some of my ideas, (Animation, Character Design, Writing, Storyboarding, Sound Effects, Editing, etc.) then please message me through my email: [email protected]
(Let me know why you are messaging me in the Title, so I don't delete it by mistake)

After joining, you can tell your friends to see my art on DeviantArt at: https://katarimari.deviantart.com/

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