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About Karli Woods

Hey, my name is Karli!
I am a Canadian Creator & Host.
I love creating, crafting & all things geeky!

Creating content online has become a DREAM career.
I am so lucky my job allows me to do everything I love. I have a degree in Television Broadcast & Fashion. Working for myself online has allowed me to put my creative skills to work and create some pretty cool content! Not only am I able to make cosplays, videos, and merchandise, but it has also allowed me to create this positive & amazing community I like to call Team Tutu.

My fellow gorgeous geeks...you are everything.

And with your help supporting my work on Patreon I am able to make exclusive content just for you!

Oh ya...I have this thing where I make tutus...

Just incase you are new here ;)

I think I have 11 now? 

R2-TUTU is my fav!
If you didn't know before the internet and cosplay I ran an ACTING school for one of the top Modelling & Talent agencies in Toronto, I was a video editor, I worked as a Modelling & TV agent, and I worked in production on a bunch of reality TV shows! The entertainment industry is my LIFE.


I try and live a very positive & healthy lifestyle.
I use Patreon as a way to connect with you on a more personal level. I want to be that motivational & positive light in your life. 
I promise I will make you laugh.  
And if you like to learn I am here to teach! I've been hosting panels educating people all about being a content creator, and the algorithm. During our monthly livestreams come ask questions and find out more about Social Media Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Long Term Branding, Algorithm Tips, and more!

Last but not least, I am using Patreon to take you with me on adventures!
You will get to see footage from behind the scenes at shoots, conventions, Patron-only Q&A's, costume builds, tutorials, and travel adventures.
Travel adventures included things like going to Salem with friends & ghost hunting! I also work in TV doing some hosting, so I will take you BTS with me on set when I can.
These videos are supposed to be fun, exclusive and entertaining! 

I welcome you to join my amazing community which is full of love, positivity, and badass geeks. 

Stay Geeky!

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Hey everyone,

I am back & ready to kick butt on Patreon!

I know I didn't really leave, but after Rob's accident it was hard to be creative & pump out as much content as I am used to. 

Now that I am back home & have access to my office I'm ready to bring you all the content! I just got back from Orlando and shot a ton of stuff with David Love, so all of that will be coming out shortly :) 

Since I am back with new tiers I thought I would start off with a new goal as well.

Let's get to 85 Patrons by the end of the month, so we can have a welcome back party stream! I'll bring the balloons & champange. You bring your witty comments :P

You know how much I miss streaming! I miss talking to you guys, and everyone making fun of my dancing haha. Being on Danielle's stream last week really made me want to come back. 

Let's hit this goal, and have a party! 
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