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About Karl Snyder

Music reminds us of our own humanity, keeps us engaged and invested in the world, and moves us through our lives. I write about music because it makes my heart feel like a cozy animal. My most recent reviews, interviews, and essays can be found on Medium and Frontrunner Magazine.

This Patreon page represents a shift in the role writing plays in my life. Rather than writing "when I have time" or "on the side", I am now writing more consistently, more seriously--or, as we writers say, "more better."

So far this shift has given me more agency in my daily life, created space to reflect deeply on my values, and allowed me to explore a less traditional work schedule that is healthier for my heart and mind.

This shift has also required a period of relative financial sacrifice as I put in time to improve my writing, including time during the week when I could be earning more money at an office job.

Your support through this Patreon page helps me in multiple tangible ways, including:

1) Empowering me to vary my writing environment. I can leave my house and buy coffee and baked goods in locally owned writing environments where it would be rude not to.

2) Reminding me this is worth it. Some days the faceless, massive cloud of societal pressure and self-doubt that tells me to give up on pursuing a freelance career feels especially strong. On those days, your support tells me that I have a powerful network of thoughtful, passionate individuals who believe in me, and that the process and product of writing has inherent value.

3) Providing supplemental income as I work on making long-term connections. During the journey towards developing stable, trusting relationships with paying publications, I may sometimes write for less than I truly need. Your support helps bolster my income during those times.

Thank you for everything!

(It is best to assume that none of the images that I post on this page belong to me. I use images only with the intention of promoting artists.)
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