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Gotta spare dollar or two hanging down the back of the couch?? Throw it my way and you will feel like an awesome person :)
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5 Bucks!! That's like a Twitch Sub amount! So i guess the rewards would be the same. Add me on steam (if you already haven't) Join the Discord channel once i get it set up and whatever else goes on
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Ten Dollar Holla! Ahh not sure what the reward would be for this but it would include the last two pledge amounts,and the satisfaction of knowing you're making the internet a better place :)




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Hey team!! Big thanks to just making you're way over here! The support of that alone is enough,but if you would like to help me out and throw a dollar or two my way once a month that would be amazing.

As you know the add revenue on Youtube is pretty pathetic and earn bugger all from it,which isn't a big deal but i get asked from people wanting to donate now and again so i thought i would set this up to accommodate Fans who wanted to help and support me make content for the tubes and stream more often :) 

Depending on how this goes ill set up a Discord server for all Patreon's to hang out in and have a chat,play some games and get to know one another,and can also set bigger pledge amounts if people really want them.

Big thanks for all the support already in all the comments and likes and the tips on youtube and twitch..

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A box of my favourite beer is $24,so why not start there for the goal
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