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About me

Hey, humans! I'm Karthik. I write quality science articles at Geekswipe. Inspired from that, I have also started writing dedicated science wikis at my new encyclopedic project Swyde. I just love writing stuff that I love, and I am here to do that.

I have been doing this since 2009. Around that time, Geekswipe was just a site where I wrote tech and gaming stuff. I used to explain some engineering concepts to my friends over texts, and they seemed to like it and understand better. They encouraged me to write science. Since 2014, I am focusing exclusively on writing high-quality science materials.

Ever since the Ask a Science Question page on Geekswipe started trending on the web searches, I started receiving curious questions from my readers that made me explore science at a whole new pace on a different level. And it occurred to me that it's best that I made all those questions and answers available on a collaborative platform where others can edit and improve the answers. I created Swyde for that purpose of documenting and refining all those curious scientific questions and answers.

Why Patreon?

My goal for Swyde is that it should be available to everyone and it should be in a way that is true to the definition of the internet. In simpler words, I want Swyde (and Geekswipe) to be free for everyone on this planet. To do that, I need a platform to share this mission with like-minded people who would support the goals. And Patreon fulfils that.


Both the projects are focused on creating science content and inspiring others around me to explore and create as well. Since 2009, Geekswipe is being supported by the advertisements, which in turn covers the server costs and pays my server/dev-time bills. Swyde is completely ad-free (will be for eternity!), but it still shares Geekswipe's server resources.

Besides that, I am just one guy doing all these stuff in my free time from work. With your support in the form of funds, feedbacks, contents, and social backing, I can sustain my projects independently and focus on creating high quality contents with greater responsibility.

My primary goal is to take Swyde to everyone on the planet and make it as one of the resourceful places on the web that anyone can edit and refine.
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  4. I can start translating my contents to other languages.
  5. I can start Podcasting and Videos.
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