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About Karzii

Hi there! I'm Karzii!
 I am a freelance artist based in Albuquerque, New Mexico!
I currently work full time at my Day Job, but art is my passion. I love creating original and fan art, and enjoy spending my time vending at conventions all over the country. 

What do you Create?
I create a wide variety of art and merchandise! I primarily create traditional and digital art, but I love selling my art at conventions, so I am constantly working on new products to add to my booth. Anything from designs for prints, stickers, buttons, keychains and more!

Why Patreon?
It took me a long time to decide to create a Patreon. Originally my fear of rejection and not being "good enough" kept me from pursuing this. My dream is to one day be able to work on art full time and still support myself financially, so this is my first step!

Thank you!
Any support is appreciated so much! Art is what I love to do most, and I greatly appreciate anyone that enjoys my work or is willing to support me in trying to follow my dream.
$14 of $100 per month
Monthly Request Stream!
Once I reach this goal I will host a request stream once a month where Patrons can request their characters / pets etc be drawn!
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