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About Kris Asick

And you are...?
My name is Kris Asick and I run a one-man-operation under the name of Pixelmusement. Although I'm a game designer at heart and have released a few freeware and non-free titles, lately I've been doing a web show entitled "Ancient DOS Games", where I take my analytical nature and apply it to all the old PC games few people play anymore, giving light to the old classics and even the games which probably should've stayed forgotten. Regardless of how good they are, I give every game a fair treatment, occasionally finding out interesting tid-bits in the process, and I also provide information on how to legally obtain these old games and get them working on modern computers. Below is an example of the kind of content I produce on ADG, specifically, Episode 119 - SimCity 2000:

So why are you on Patreon?
To put it simply: A number of fans of ADG have expressed the desire to support the show more directly, so after a lot of thought I ultimately decided to give Patreon a shot. Now, I should make something perfectly clear: Ancient DOS Games will ALWAYS be free to watch! The whole point of my being here on Patreon is for those of you who want to support the show beyond simply watching it. You don't have to be a Patron of the show to enjoy it! That said, being a Patron will give you some exclusive bonuses indicated at the bottom of the page as my way of saying thanks for being extra-awesome!

Don't you run ads on your show? Why bother with Patreon?
Ad revenue is a fickle thing and you'd be surprised how little a niché show such as mine makes. The ad revenue pays for my webhosting and occasionally I can get an extra DOS game or two from it, but that's about it. Patreon allows people interested in the show to give money directly towards its continued existence on a regular basis and helps to guarantee its future!

What do I get out of this?
At the bottom of the page are several exclusive rewards offered to anyone who pledges a certain amount per month. Even as little as $1 a month is enough to get something for your generosity! Plus, since this isn't very obvious allow me to express this plainly and simply: Every reward level includes ALL previous reward levels! This means if you pledge $16 a month, you also get the $1, $2, $4, $8 and $12 rewards! You also don't have to match the rewards exactly, as you can pledge any amount you want to really. You can even pledge nothing and continue to watch and enjoy the show as always! (But of course, then you wouldn't get any rewards.)

Wait... you just added $2 and $12 tiers but I'm not on them!
I'm going to make an effort to make sure people are aware of this change but to qualify for the new reward tiers if you do but aren't already set to them is to just edit your pledge and change the reward you want. That's all you gotta do! :)

Anything else I should know?
I do more than just produce ADG and make games. On my website is a special section dedicated to "Miscellaneous Stuff", which includes huge quantities of the music I've made, some custom levels for various games, and even a link to my DeviantArt page, which I will admit, I don't update very often at all, but you can check out some of the conceptual screenshots I've drawn up over the years along with some other random art-type stuff. Pledging any amount at all not only supports ADG and my making games, but absolutely everything else I do, so even if you're not specifically interested in ADG, you're still welcome to support me for any of the other things I work on!

Also, you'll probably be wanting a link to my website. Well, here you go:
$568 of $1,024 per month
How did I get this much support? You guys are freakin' awesome. I have no idea what to do for this level of pledges, but I'll think of something!
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