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About kasukanra

Who am I?

Hi everyone. It's kasukanra. You might have seen me around on Twitter as kasukanra, in various video game Discords, particularly Japanese mobile game-related ones, or from sumanai japan, a blog I started about a month ago.

I moved to Tokyo, Japan last year in April 2016 to become a “ryuugakusei,” or study-abroad student. I previously graduated from a four year university with a degree in biomedical engineering. However, my interests are in 3D computer graphics, so I live in the world of Autodesk Maya, Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects, 3DS Max, and more. But, enough about me.

In the past, I used to run two blogs, one in high school, then one in university. Ever since coming to Japan, I gradually stopped posting on those blogs because it was difficult to keep up with 3DCG university schoolwork in addition to getting used to Japan. Just because you learned a language doesn’t mean you can use it practically…

What should I expect?

Anyway, as of last month, I started a new blog, sumanai japan. This time, the blog would center around a major theme, which would be about life in Japan. I came to Japan with the idea of starting a new beginning, so I want this blog to be a long-term project. I come from a wide range of interests, ranging from the standard fare of anime and manga to translations, light novels, Japanese mobile games, and photography. As such, most of the blog posts will relate to something in that large sphere of hobbies.

As of now, I’m trying to devote as much free time as possible to updating the blog. Most of the topics will pertain to Japan in some way, whether it be Japanese language, video games, or cultural topics. I want this blog to become vicarious enough that you, the readers, will be able to get a feel for what a foreigner in Japan encounters. I’ve been here for only about 11 months, so the journey is still continuing.

Could you be more clear on what you’re offering?

I won’t be doing anything like having password-protected posts, or the like. Everything will be available to the public because I really enjoy living in Japan and sharing my thoughts on the new culture. So, if you’re becoming a patron, I really appreciate the support. If you look at the different tiers, there’s a few things that I can offer you if it’s within my ability.

Aside from talking about Japan language and culture, and possibly its relation to anime and manga, I’ve become hugely interested in Japanese mobile games, also known as “mobage.” Before I moved here, I was a “heavy user” of Puzzle and Dragons developed by GungHo. I reached rank 350+ on both English and Japanese accounts before calling it quits.

After coming to Japan, I’ve been immersed in the world of the Japanese company Cygames’ premier RPG game, Granblue Fantasy. I’ve also been dabbling a bit in Shadowverse, the strategic digital collectible card game by the same company. I have high-ranking, in-depth experience with Japanese guilds in Granblue Fantasy. As such, I also like to blog about Granblue and share my thoughts with the English-speaking community about the meta, events, and upcoming patch changes to the game.

Furthermore, I’ve also been writing my own “web novel”, “I was reborn as a neet, but I have to be a hero?!” So, if you visit my blog, you can check to see if there are any updates to that as well.

Overall, the blog will focus on core topics of:

-Japanese language: I’m always learning new words, phrases, and nuances. Even though I’ve been certified with a respectable Japanese Language Proficiency level, I’m still looking to improve. Beyond written Japanese is a world of Japanese slang. shorthand, proverbs, sayings, and much more.

-Japanese culture: Sometimes, I will focus on culture as a whole. Other times, I’ll use anime or manga to springboard off of. Just because it’s fantasy doesn’t mean it doesn’t draw inspiration from real world Japan.

-Japanese places/lifestyle: I like to travel, and even if I don’t go very far, I’ll be sure to put of reviews of any interesting places I go, whether that be restaurants, cafes, or cities outside of Tokyo.

-Japanese anime/manga/light novels: I'll be following 1-3 anime series a season, possibly more if readers find it interesting. I'm not sure if I will go by a episode-by-episode basis, but here's an example of an anime post.

-Granblue Fantasy Discussion: After being in a Japanese guild for about six months, I branched off and created my own English-speaking guild. There’s many things that I’d like to talk about regarding the game, so expect to see posts about the game crop up every once in a while. I still keep in contact with my old Japanese guildmates, so I'd like to give insight on what the Japanese players think about the game, whether it be strategy or just general comments.

-Updates to the the web novel I was reborn as a neet, but I have to be a hero?!” I’m not sure how high this is up on the priority list. I’ll probably have to wait for more feedback if people want to see more blog posts of more of the story.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this. If you'd like to support the blog in anyway, I'd be honored. However, just being a reader or follower of sumanai japan is extremely flattering, so I thank you for the support!

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I'll let the supporters of this blog give their input on what direction the blog should head in. Should I do more Japanese game or novel coverage? Should I go take pictures of faraway lands? More anime posts?
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