Katerina Roy

is creating paintings, writings & is helping others embrace health and god

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Hey there, I'm Katerina Roy. I create inspirational paintings, writings, and videos that illustrate and document my own awakening journey - the road I've walked back home to God's Love and wholeness in Christ after years of suffering deep depression, family & relationship abuse, addictions, and chronic illness.

I started making this art as therapy to find and express my own voice and sense of self. It's been highly therapeutic for me to make and share the intimate and honest work I create. And over the years, I have noticed that my open-hearted sharing impacts the lives of others too, and tends to catalyze them toward a sense of spiritual freedom and empowerment. I've received so much praise and gratitude for the inspiration my insights and art have provided for people, and I'm so thankful that my journey has helped inspire growth for others this way. 

My request is that if you're someone who loves my work, has been helped by me and my art, and/or wants to see me continue to grow as an artist, I'm asking you to please be my patron and show me your support while I continue to make a new body of inspired work for exhibition, continue my contemplative writings, and continue sharing my health journey and findings with all of you. I have a great desire to share and serve all of you and beyond with my creative gifts and knowledge from research and experience.

Thank you for your support as I continue to following my calling!

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