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My History and Esoteric Philosophy
By Kathleen Kalina
In the 1970’s and 80s I lived in Massachusetts and New Hampshire working fulltime in the 80s as a medical clairvoyant.I did lectures and classes all over the United States, but mostly in New England. I became a mini celebrity because I was in the newspaper and on radio so often.I was the first to call myself a “medical clairvoyant” and many people came later also called themselves medical clairvoyants. I even participated in police investigations finding a lost man and solving a serial arson case in a case.
This was how I did readings: Health Readings and Life Purpose Readings.The health readings were accomplished by reading layers in the body and discovering the cause of imbalances.The Life Purpose readings required reading the akashic records of a persons series of lifetimes as they connected to the present lifetime.
The Life Purpose readings were very popular and I had at least one or two clients per day. However,each reading took two hours or more and took an enormous amount of focus, so I couldn’t do anymore than two a day.The Health readings were generally one or more hours.After doing that for 10 years every day, I became exhausted and wondered about using my other skills as an Environmental Scientist, so I went to graduate school in Wisconsin.I spent the 1990s heavily involved in helping various Indian tribes.The mysticism of American Indians became close to my heart as I was welcomed into many communities.
In the 2000s, I went to bible college and learned the scriptures which tied into to my former understanding of a seer. I got a ministerial degree and license.I was called a prophet by my church and those around me because of what I could see, hear and understand as it pertained to scripture. Six books of channeled material came to me while a friend wrote it down.
This all seemed to be a giant circle of life and understanding of why we are here.
There are still questions about life.But there are certain conclusions that I know for sure as proof was given to me.
  • We are given a destiny and fated events.
  • We are given a certain date of our death and this can only be changed in the same way Hezikiah asked for 15 more years of life.
  • Charity of love and caring for others is stipulated in scripture as a key ingredient to obtaining the best possible seat in heaven.There are many heavens and each person creates their heaven or hell.
  • There are many mystical beings who can appear in our dimension or live in many dimensions.
  • We have spiritual helpers.
  • We live many life times in an attempt to correct and use certain talents, be with people we are close to and solve problems.
  • Jesus who is a manifestation of God, attempted to explain to us to the rules of good living.
  • Some people are born mystics and carry the burden of the gifts given to them.
  • Some people are born to help the world evolve into a better place by challenging injustice.
  • Some people are born to invent and create technology that makes our lives better and opens up leisure time for reflection
  • Some people are born to destroy, (that was their choice.)
  • Domesticated animals, especially pets are given to us for ease of our difficulties and help us love.
  • Wild animals are given to us for food and for beauty and balance the ecosystem.
  • Our wild and scenic lands are there for everyone to enjoy and must be protected from those who endanger it.
  • The day of death is fixed, but many people get close calls in order to see what lies ahead. There are three days after death where we can go back to loved ones and visit.We can chose at that time to close our connection to earth or decide to be made available when needed.
  • At death we explore much about our lives on earth. For some people this may take a long time, but others who are more self aware are able to move on to a place they chose in heaven.Some people choose houses on beautiful lakes, while others walk a vistas and others play with angels.God is close to all who have lived good lives, no matter what format they have chosen.
  • Then there is hell and many layers for the truly evil.Jesus said the worst sin is to hurt a child.
  • There are places down in hell that one cannot be released.
  • The big questions: Wealth, Poverty, Sickness and Health.
  • The beginning of life starts in the preplanning stage before conception.A soul chooses a set of genetics and a family group. Perhaps they choose even just one person in a family.They are stuck with the genetics of that family’s gene pool.Evolution of Technology makes geneticweaknesses more probable to repair.Nevertheless, chronic disease or weakness is there.
  • Consequently, physical strength and athletic ability may be important, but not so much the family. This may give the person strength, but family problems.
  • Choosing a wealthy family may be an advantage for someone with a difficult destiny. Whereas, someone may chose a family that is poor, but was interested in the physical strength.
  • Poverty in later years can be just a matter of circumstances and the country they live in.A failing market may wipe out a retirement, maybe the people were not paying attention or maybe there is a fated event in it.Most fated events are dramatic.
  • People always ask “why a sickly child who dies early.” This was a chosen path for them, they only wanted to be in a family for a short time and get the loving attention.
  • A person who spends their entire life focused on making money and nothing else has missed the point about why they are here.
  • Chronic poverty may be an opportunity for a person to move geographically and meet karmic friends elsewhere.Constant unearned wealth and good health may not be the advantage it looks like, perhaps the person seeks something they cannot get like a relationship or self awareness.There is always something in every life that is sought after and challenging.
  • The question is very complicated.
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