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is creating Illustrations, Patterns, and Digital Assets.
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About Kat Hubbs

I'm Kat, an illustrator exploring new ways to make art and money. I was an in-house designer for many years, and now I want to explore my style and creative voice. You can join me on this adventure as I tackle the challenges to make time to create, share, promote, and sell art consistently.  

I will be sharing the techniques I have learned and developed over the years (No lie, I used to dream in Adobe Illustrator)... I will also share my experiences trying new tools and products, experimenting with alternative income streams (*wink*), and trying to grow a personal brand.

My current projects include expanding my Illustration portfolio, and building fabric collections.  Plus, I will be creating digital assets for sale online, testing a drop-ship fulfillment company & their products, and seeing what selling your art is like on different marketplace platforms.

I hope you will learn from my experiences as I try to get that side hustle going, and I hope you will help push me along the way.

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