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About Katie & Ben Burke

Katie and Ben Burke are entrepreneurs, parents, partners, and spiritual beings having an awakened human experience.
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When we hit ten thousand monthly patrons, we will create an organization that distributes free, dynamic children's educational and community building material to anyone that requests it, worldwide.

We are passionate about redefining a child's "education" as one that is integrated within a community support and one that is not treated as a separate, benchmarked activity. This is also a very personal choice, chosen truly freely by informed parents and guardians.  A world without systematized educational institutions controlled by governmental or private interests is what we are manifesting, and where we are going.  There currently does not exist a sustainable and easy to adopt solution.  We are testing a this model and will be ready to deploy it by the time we reach 10,000 monthly patrons, in alignment the great consciousness shift.

We see a future where are children explore their inner and outer worlds without expectations or interference, only support, and are allowed to live in their highest excitement, just as we all aspire to do.
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