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Thank you! Even $1 means a lot to me, it's $1 closer to a proper microphone and soundcard:)




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About KatiepelC

Hi there!
My name is Katie, I live in Poland and I sing. That's all, bye... ;)

Naah, there's more. I sing since my early childhood but so far I haven't done much about it. I have my own vision of music, little on the sad side I think, but I just keep it for myself. 

So I figured out maybe it's time to try to move on and start to promote a little:) If I could even earn some money thanks to it, that would be a huge deal for me. Especially since I'm recording using the cheapest microphone you can buy (something like 1 euro;).

If you would decide to support me financially it would mean a lot to me:) It would not only bring me closer to buying better recording hardware but also show me, that there are people that like what I do.

Thank you for being here and hopefully you will hear something from me very soon:)

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