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At $25 and above I'd like to open the field to be more interactive and receive creative suggestions from you.  Every other month, let's have a Google Hangout. I share with you what I am working on, you share with me. We play in community together. Something new and unforeseen comes from our communion.




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About katie

We are living through what I call the Global Blue Hour.   In photography lingo “the Blue Hour” is that period of time before the sun has risen, when a blue cape of Mystery drapes the landscape. It’s a time when our perceptions play tricks on us and we’re not sure what’s real, a time of natural confusion to our normal way of orienting ourselves.  We are living at the end of an epoch or cosmic cycle -- a long age of conflict, quarrels and unchecked patriarchy. The insanity we have become normalized to (from nonstop war to daily shootings to collapsing economies) is the logical out picturing of an era winding down.  This Global Blue Hour is a collective liminal space.   A new day is upon us, but the sun has not yet risen.  

The spiritual and esoteric traditions say that at the end of this era, humanity will have plunged to the depths of darkness, madness and maximum materialism.  In sum, I see that we are collectively suffering from a Sacred Deficit Disorder (SDD).  Life desacralized becomes existentially meaningless, an aimless rat race: in short, depressing.  And by sacred I don’t mean anything exotic, dogmatic or inaccessible. I mean looking into the eyes of the cashier as she rings up your items.  I mean the feeling of a father and daughter walking hand in hand on the sidewalk.  I mean the sound of rain drumming on the rooftop.  I'm talking the everyday sacred, the re-enchantment of the ordinary.  I mean experiencing every breath and each footstep as a miracle and as ceremony.  This Global Blue Hour is a gateway moment, an opening to remembering our Sacred Selves and reclaiming our rightful place and role as creator beings.

We live in an astonishing era of breakdown and breakthrough. As systems collapse under the weight of evolution and their own time-released obsolescence, new foundations are being laid for a new way of being, living, organizing and exchanging. Social innovation is unleashing new horizons and networked communities are open-sourcing new realities into existence. The democratization of information has become a portal for emergence. The last few decades have seen an explosion of new knowledge across all fields of human knowing, from physics and biology to pre-ancient history and archeology. In aggregate, a new narrative for humanity is being collectively sculpted ~ by necessity and the evolutionary impulse of our times ~ because solutions to the complex challenges facing the world today will not come from the prevailing worldview of materialism and separation.

The language we use and the stories we tell matter. They make sense of our past and shape our future. They create experience, alter our perceptions and ripple into our DNA.

Thus the SACRED LIFE film series – as antidote to SDD, medicine for the modern soul. 

I'm challenging myself to take on this film series as my small part in creating vaccinations for our anemia of the sacred. Because what we think and how we act in this Global Blue Hour matters.

Try a dose of the Sacred with film #1 in the series: 
Contact with the Sacred from Katie Teague on Vimeo.

Responses to the Sacred Life film series:

"Your work is beautiful, calming, connecting, and inspiring. This changed the entire direction of my day."  ~ J. Scott

"Blessings on this beautiful project…may it uplift and open the hearts of many!" ~ A. Piper

"A truly lovely meditation." ~ H. Henderson

Film poet, visual storyteller, award-winning documentary filmmaker, time-lapse photographer, multi-media mystic.  Since completing my feature-length documentary  Money & Life, I've been in a deep inquiry and learning process about what's next for me as an artist and what's most authentic to my own "source blueprint," all in the context of the so-called Great Transition we are collectively living through.  I've been diving more deeply into my unique gifts, listening to the evolutionary impulse as its currents run through and connect me to everything else, and contemplating how to Gift back to Mother Life.  

How I contribute matters. What world I choose to live in matters.  What world I leave for my nieces and nephews and for our future selves matters.  Our every thought, word and deed matters.  The modern day mystics have been relegated to the sidelines of maximizing profits and it's time for us to stand our ground. Because the profits prophets we need will not come from business-as-usual but from the artists and poets and dreamers.

Beyond Patreon, you can find my work here: katieteague.com

You pledge a dollar amount (of your choosing) towards the completion of each Sacred Life film.  I create.  We share with the world.  I get some financial fuel in my gas tank to create more.

Each film will be anywhere from 3-5 minutes in length, thus insuring it's potential for viral spreading (I call it "the happy virus") in accordance with our modern day attention spans.  The films will be a blend of time-lapse photography, slow motion, video, interviews, poetry, music and unforeseen elements.  Your pledge will also insure that the films can remain Creative Commons licensed and be made available Advertisting-Free as a gift to the world.  I anticipate completing a new film about every 4-8 weeks.  You can withdraw your pledge (or up it;) at any time.

Though the films are short, they take time.  For example, Contact with the Sacred took me a month of full-time work to record, write and edit.  I aim for excellence.  There is often much driving or plane flights involved and long hours sitting under the starry night sky or on windy mountain tops.  Sometimes I need to pay to license music. I would like to be able to commission musicians and other artists.  Never mind the butt-numbing hours in front of the computer.

Your gift in backing the SACRED LIFE film series, will enable me to stay on purpose and liberate my gifts.  Your gift becomes a gift to the world.  It ripples out.  The world needs medicine for the soul -- to remember the Sacred -- in this Global Blue Hour.  I'm passionate about doing my small part.  Join me .  Let's drop bombs of Reverence and Beauty on the world.
$483 of $1,500 per Film
My near term goal is $1,500 per short film, which will enable to make a new film every 4-8 weeks.
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