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About Katoko

Hello ^-^

I'm Katoko but you can call me Katie and I'm a self-thought digital illustrator. I'm 22 years old and I'm from Slovenia. I love to draw so much that I cannot even imagine a single day without drawing or sketching. I like to draw original characters, fan art and all sorts of costumes and dresses, but I also love to try new things.Besides drawing I like to watch anime, read manga, bake sweets and play games. 
 Drawing has always been my passion since I was a little kid but I started to draw digitally when I was 17. My dream is that my hobby drawing becomes a full-time job. It is a huge struggle for me because where I come being a digital illustrator isn't a common thing, i had struggles at school - after you finish primary/grammar school you have to enroll into a secondary/high school that where you study for only one specific job or one area of jobs like I enrolled into tourism school, where I clearly got the picture that art is only right thing for me but I did not have enough courage to pursuit it because I am self-thought and with low experiences and I already gave it all up a couple of times but I managed to draw more. I also got a lot ˝supporting cliche statements˝ like you cannot draw, people are laughing at you,you will never be good enough,art is not a job,art won't pay you bills among other things said by my so called ˝friends˝. I finally got enough courage to follow my dream and you can support my dreams by supporting me here on Patreon!

I'm new to Patreon and what I am offering may be a little poor but I promise I'll add more!

Currently as rewards for I offering:
- early access to my works
- access to works in progress, sketches and doodles
- free commissions
- access to my patreon feed

If you have any questions, please do reach out to me via private messages (either here or any social media) or send me an email ([email protected])

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Help me reach my goal! It will help me buy lessons and tutorials to improve my art skills! ^-^
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