Kiku (KatAkillus)

is creating adopts and managing the Katragoons ARPG group.
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About Kiku (KatAkillus)

This Patreon page was created to support the Katragoon ARPG (Art Roleplaying Game) group on DeviantArt.

All the earnings will go towards improving the group and related accounts (Premium membership for masterlist account, art for the group, etc), and to give back to the supporters and members. Supporting the group monetarily is in no way or form required, but I highly appreciate any bit of help!

Katragoons and the companion species are created and owned by KatAkillus at DeviantArt.

Everyone who pledges on any tier will have access to a purple name color on our Discord server, as well as make suggestions for the themes of next adopts. While you can also suggest themes without pledging, I will make an effort to pick from Patron-suggested themes every now and then!
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I will order Katragoon-related stickers to send out to anyone who pledges enough to cover their shipping (2 USD).
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