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About katsie.system

hey. i'm katsie.system, and i make music/videos/whatever. as of now, my "main thing" is music, but expect anything and possibly everything (even gamedev if i get bored enough).

who are you?
i'm a very lazy trans girl with an obsession with music and entertainment in general.

what kind of music do you make?
with a couple years on and off of making music (now doing it constantly), i... still don't know. though i will say what i listen to heavily inspires me.

what videos do you make?
whatever i feel like honestly, though i do have ideas in mind.

why should i support you?
good question. i'll get back to you on that.

if you like what you see you can spare a few for support and get some goodies. everything here is subject to change.

seeya soon.
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wow. didn't even think i'd make it this far. hmmm. why not make a personal video, directed to you ten special people, saying thanks. (other goals coming after)
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