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About Katy Schifferer

Hello! I’m Katy, a primarily self-taught artist. I work in a variety of mediums, and often, the messier it is, the more I like it; however, my favorite medium and the one I tend to gravitate towards most often is digital. I find digital art, outside of the game and movie industries, is too easily ignored and brushed off as somehow inferior to other art mediums, and I’m here to fight that idea. Art is art, no matter how you made it.

I also dabble into a few side projects, the forefront of which are my YouTube art channel and my webcomic, Good Hair Day, about Rapunzel and the mishaps she gets into with her long hair, and you’ll see many of those things here on Patreon!

By becoming a patron, you’ll get access to all artwork before the rest of the world sees it, including comic pages, early-sneak-peek and/or exclusive insight into my process, though speedpaints, real-time videos, and tutorials, discounts on commissions, and more!

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SketchBox is an art supplies subscription—it works like a magazine subscription, only instead of receiving magazines each month, I get a box of art supplies.  I would love to sign up for this subscription, because it will give me exactly the opportunity I need to try more mediums than what I even know exist currently.
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