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This tier is for people who simply want to see more of my art on social media... but also, more active participation.


Cumulative discount equal to 50% of your contribution when you request a commission. How it works? Easy. Read this.


You can download my previous work, a digital folder with over 50 high resolution images (3500px)


A lot of people "live" in Discord. If I want to have a close contact with my Patrons, Discord gives me a perfect service. On my privater server you can...

  • ...connect with other patrons.
  • ...help me answering the doubts that I have about the project.
  • ...suggests fanarts and collaborate in the next Fanart Poll.
  • ...participate helping me with the fantasy clothes design.
  • ...see behind scenes.
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Art Lover
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This tier is for art lovers.


Get access to previous tiers and unlock exclusive content. Get the next level of art pieces. Remember your commission discount. How it works? Easy, read this.


I create a some files to show my work process easily. You can find: 

  • Base idea
  • Sketch
  • Linework
  • Color base
  • Shadows
  • Lights
  • Background
  • Volume
  • Effects


I really love the linewoks, so I put a lot of time on this. Many artists have this step as mechanicas step, my creative process don't be that, I use a lot of creativity here. 

I want you use this linearts (without background) to practique your color skills. So, it's time to coloring!


We learn a lot seeing others make his works. Now, you can learn something with me. I hope it's help.

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This tier is for people want to grow as artists.


Get access to previous tiers and unlock exclusive content. Get the next level of art pieces. Remember your commission discount. How it works? Easy, read this.


I am proud to say that my files are very organized and they are very easy to study.

My works always have more than 20 layers, all divided into folders that contain:

  • Lineart
  • Volume
  • Base color
  • Lineart dragon
  • Volume dragon
  • Base color dragon
  • Background


I believe that an artist is the brushes he uses. So here I am. I use a lot of ClipStudio brushes and some Photoshop brushes for final effects.

VIDEO (2019 new)

For many peoples see the artists drawing nearly at real speed is a true font of learning. I also believe it, for that now you too can see me doing it.

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About Kawaindex

Who I am?

Thank you for visiting my lair. First of all, sorry for my english. I am Ignacio a Spanish guy and freelance artist, or I try xD

What I'm doing, and why support me?

Shortly, I try hardly to do FANARTI do, every month 4~6 pictures, I can do more, but only with your support! If you want a long version, keep reading.


A personal interpretation of famous characters of pop culture. 


I will also draw some dragons simply because the dragons are amazing.


And, I am doing some commissions. I hope you don't mind ;) For my lovely Patrons I have important discounts. How it works? Easy. Read this. There is all you need to know.

★ Artbook

I'm currently working on an Artbook about a Fantasy version of the Overwatch characters, I intend to draw all of them and I have a lot of ideas to do! I always want to include dragons because all is better with dragons. Then, I want to collect all this work in an artbook and share it with the world! I will include in the book all the content that I can as sketches, linework, the process or where I get the inspiration, and of course the final work.

With your help this project may be possible. Support me to make this dream possible.

What do I offer?

With your support, I will be able to use more time on creating more and more illustrations. I offer you totally free that things:
  • Screenshots of my Work in Progress.
  • Some of my art at medium resolution (1000px)

And, as my  Patron, you can get to:
  • High-res art (PNG 3500px)
  • A secondary version of art. (With the official clothes)
  • Lineworks (you can practice coloring).
  • Sketchs
  • My process in a lot of images Step by Steps.
  • Speedpaintings.
  • Videos at a speed close to the real.
  • Access to my Discord channel
  • Full Layered PSDs.
  • Photoshop and ClipStudio Brushes.
  • And check my Goals! to discover more.
There is a LOT of content, Thank you very much for your support!


Hola, soy Ignacio, no quiero repetirme así que seré breve. Apoyándome en Patreon me permites continuar creando historias para Itheriont, y además puedes conseguir un montón de cosas adicionales. En serio, un montón. No entiendo porqué otros artistas más famosos ofrecen tan poco.

Consigue mi trabajo en HD, otras versiones del dibujo como nsfw o ropa alternativa, archivo de photoshop, mis pinceles, el lineart, bocetos, el proceso de trabajo, videos a velocidad muy acelerada y otro a levemente acelerada, acceso a mi canal de Discord, tutoriales, y si se cumplen mis metas ¡¡Mucho más!!

Tal vez te interese pasarte por mi blog Gakugan. Un lugar donde doy un poco de motivación para aquellos que están empezando a dibujar.-

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One at month I will create a PDF explaining the process of one of my works.
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