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About Kayla Jacobs

Hello hello! You have found the Patreon page for Kayla Jacobs!

For anyone who doesn't know me, I am a singer, a songwriter, a pianist, and a producer! 

But most likely, you came here because you connected with some of my music, and came here wanting to hear more!

Whether it was downtempo original pop with my ableton push,
or a soultry vocal jazz standard with the piano...

Whatever it was that brought you here, let me just say THANK YOU!

Thank you for taking an interest in my life's work(:

Songwriting is at the heart of everything I do.
I write music to process emotions, and sometimes it feels like these songs are saving my life. 
I believe much of my life's purpose is to share my own personal musical elixirs with those people who are meant to hear them. 

Through this Patreon platform,  I want to share my ongoing song projects, lyrics inspirations, covers, performances, yoga and dance workouts with playlists picked by YOU (influence meeeeee!), and I want your feedback as much as you want to share it!
I'm ready to open up my heart and workstation to you guys! 
I've been working on many of these songs for years, but I'm only just now realizing how to communicate these ideas directly to my fans, in a sustainable way that will fuel the expansion of my musical career. 

Right now we are just building the online community. 
Funds from yal are helping me cover basic costs of living for the time being...
But we are just getting started, and I was born to travel the world yal!!!

With enough fans in my corner, I'm planning to one day perform in  every country on earth (Zambia is first on my list)!!!
I know these are lofty goals, but I have faith in my community and myself(:

With the help of Patreon, you can become one of my investors. 
For just $3 a month, you get access to all the originals and covers that I'm working that month.
If you spend a little more, you get extra perks.
Depending on which tier you join, your rewards may include private online concerts, mp3s, extra photoshoots, or a birthday skype call!

Thank you again for believing in me and listening to my music!
I may be a solo musician, but I've never accomplished anything in music alone. 
If you're excited to see where this goes, I beckon you to join in my journey. 
Be a part of the Kayla Jacobs team...
Become a Patron today! 
$65 of $100 per month
New Audio Interface
(my ghetto UX2 often crackles during vocal recordings and Berklee gets a dirty glare for including that POS line device in my freshman package!
Lol... still massive love for my alma mater tho!
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