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Hi, I'm Kayla Reid! I'm 14 years old. I enjoy cooking and baking, and have decided that I need to expand my reach. I'm hoping that I can sell baked goods to people everywhere. I can bake pies, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, cakes, etc. So far, my only option is to sell to my surrounding neighbors. Hopefully I can have a working website so people can actually order things, but those are expensive because you need to pay to keep them online. I need your help to make this website come true. A dollar, even 50 cents would help. Or, you can wish me luck! Everything helps! 
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You get 20 big choccy chip cookies :)
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If I get 50 a month, I'll surely be able to keep up a website and buy some ingredients, which means MOAR COOKIES FOR ALL!!1!
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