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For a $1, I will put you on my digital rewards list. This means that every month, or every time I create a thing, you will receive a special Patrons only digital offering. Whether this is a photograph of my choice from my works, or a print of a photo sent directly to your door.
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A small crafted item delivered to you monthly, along with a digital reward.
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One-off, one month only, this reward is for those who have had their CV's edited/updated/designed by me. If you've had a total revamp, please consider paying $25 for two months, as it would have taken me 2 - 3 solid hours of my time to get your CV to a level that I would feel comfortable giving it back to you.




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I am one of the genuine people! I help others when I hear a plea for help, and I help others when I just plain think that maybe I could offer assistance and improve the quality of their life. 
I love to create arts and crafts, and if you'd love to receive random gifts in return for supporting my need to create in a free-flow style, please consider becoming my patron, if only for $1 a month. EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS!

I've tried commissions, I've tried selling what I make. Honestly, I'd prefer to create it in my own time, and then gift it away.

I'll be creating small, medium and large items. Your patronage will need to match the cost for including shipping, so if you're a $1 a month patron, then you would get a digital gift each month. Maybe it will be a beautiful photograph of New Zealand that I've not shared with anyone else. Or maybe it will be a print sent straight to your door.

If you're a $10 a month patreon, I'm going to send you the beautiful things that the $1 patrons receive, as well as something specially hand crafted.

If you're a $40 a month patreon, I'm going to send you something wonderful every month. Maybe a hand knit pair of socks from the softest New Zealand handspun merino wool - felted so that you can throw them in the washing machine without stressing. Or maybe a hand spun, hand woven, one of a kind scarf...

The options are almost limitless with my creating.

If you're from my Life Support crew, you already know what you're receiving from me! Please donate according to your support from me, and your current budget :) HUGS!
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I'll throw a facebook party in honor of my Patrons, and create a group for them to join where we can revel in the love of Arts, Crafts and Life Support!
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