is creating fiction tales, drawings and helping with ENG↔ESP translations.




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I'm having this a back up in case I need to go start freelancing to make ends meet.

If it comes to that, I'll make proper tiers to make sure you get something back according to the amount you spend on me. I believe that if I am going to ask you guys for help, it better be because I'm ready to work for you to earn it. 


Even though this page is far from ready. Right now  I am willing to engage in freelancing work, so feel free to reach me in twitter to discuss any proposition.

If I was to properly rely on Patreon, I'll probably be focusing my energy in some of these elements and not all at the same time, in order to give you proper quality.

If I open for freelancing I will give you proper prices, my strengths and policies, proper examples of my drawing style. Depending on the tier I will try to make sure to compensate you guys from quick doodles to more complex stuff to give back to you.

Usually, I draw and ink them traditionally, then I scan and colour them digitally.

Currently writing a fiction story I've been building since my high school days. It is my hope to be able to turn it into a proper book or even a webcomic.

If I work on it I'll use Patreon to share with you extra drawings, side stories and possibly look into getting physical stuff to ship to higher tiers to get in return for funding something so important to me like this. 

 This is not exactly something for Patreon but it might still be useful to mention. I am fluent in English and Spanish. 

If you need to translate your comic, youtube video transcript, or any paper to Spanish or from Spanish, I am open taking commissions related to this.  
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