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If you're here to support my DreamPi work, please head on over to the Dreamcast Live Patreon where you'll support a group of talented people keeping the scene alive.

Hi, my name is Luke Benstead!

I write a lot of random (but hopefully useful) software libraries and applications in the very little spare time I have. Every one of them has been for fun, but also because I believed they would be beneficial to others.

Right now I'm focused on making cross-platform game development for the SEGA Dreamcast easier. I'm building a cross-platform general-purpose game engine for the Dreamcast, Linux, Windows, Android and OSX called Simulant. To make that happen I've also built an open-source OpenGL implementation called GLdc, and I'm working on a counterpart OpenAL library called ALdc.

As a Patron, you'll get access to development posts going into detail about what I've been working on, and why I've built things the way I have.

If you've benefited in some way from my creations (past or future), I'd appreciate a little help if you can spare it.

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