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About Kazamieras

If you've made it this far, chances are you're thinking about pledging to support me. I'll thank you for that first.

Perhaps you need more persuasion though. Totally understandable. Let's go over the reasons why pledging to me; for me; for the people, would be a good thing. Something that you should do:

I have a degree (BSc) in Zoology; I am qualified to do nothing. Imagine having a degree in Biology but having no one take you seriously and the frequency with which I get asked the question "So are you going to work in a zoo?". I need to do this.

With enough money being pledged I will be able to remove the adverts from my videos. It'll stop my income from Maker Studios (which averages ~$250 per month), but it'll mean no adverts for you. Even if you have AdBlock I think you can appreciate this.

I have to start being a real adult, which means that I need an acceptable monthly income. If I can't get that from YouTube then I'll have to get a proper job. That means less time for videos, less content, less time to refine my amazing editing skills.

Your money won't go to anything other than keeping me alive and helping me run my channel. I will not buy shares in Bitcoin or mountains of porn. Probably.

Four or five videos a week to keep you entertained in return for minimal financial investment.

I dunno. I could say more but I think I've dragged this on for long enough. If you're here then you know me, you know I reply to almost every comment you leave. I reply to as many messages as I can. I'm just making videos to entertain you and so that I can keep speaking to you all. I'd like to keep doing that. If that sounds agreeable to you then you know what to do.

Lots of love,
James xxx
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I don't think this needs a description.
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