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About Kazzy

Hey everyone, I'm Kazzy! I make plushies!

I want to thank everyone visiting my page, and considering being a patron.

Please know that your support means the world to me!

Every penny helps me continue to do what I love: creating cute fluffy plush for you all! 

I'll be doing my best to make tutorials, videos, and patterns to help you learn how to make cute toys. I'll be posting exclusive photos and such for you and other patrons to enjoy and see what it's like being a Plush Artist. 

Purchase Plush in my Storenvy! 

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Needles and Thread
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Thank you so much for your support, please know every penny counts!

You get access to my exclusive progress photos,sewing tips,and exclusive coupon codes for my Etsy/Storenvy! 

Plus know about any Pre-Orders before anyone else! 

Pretty Fabrics
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All the benefits of lower tiers, plus you can vote on what you want me to post. Your input matters! Give me suggestions on what plush I should make next, what patterns I should release, and any tutorials you'd like to see! Also get sent a sticker every month, if/ when I release them! (US Only!)

Smol Sewing Machine
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All the benefits of lower tiers. Plus every 3 months that you pledge, you get a Surprise Package from me that will include a random small plush and assorted other items! (This can include drawings,stickers, etc.)

US Only Offer! (Sorry!)

15% complete
Once this goal is reached, I'll do a Q and A post and answer any questions you have about Plush Making! If it's popular, I'll do it at least once a month!
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