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“You live a life every day that you may think is ordinary and unexceptional. It only is if you see it that way. Your little detail might be someone's entire reason for telling their story.”

I wrote that August 19, 2015. It was three sentences in the middle of a bunch of other sentences, in the middle of a story. It’s been the underlying reason to almost everything, if not everything, that I have ever written. I’ve been writing publicly, via social media, for more than ten years at this point. Almost everyone I have met over the years has a story. Some of those stories sound like any other person’s story on the surface but its the personal details that make them special. Some of those stories, if I told you plain, you’d never believe. All of those stories, regardless of metaphor, have been, and continue to be, a part of my story.

“The best way to tell your story is to tell the stories of the ones you love.”

I don’t remember the first time I wrote that. It also works the other way around. You tell the stories about the ones you love by telling yours. Real stories don’t end, they keep going, that string that you pulled keeps unraveling whether or not you continue to pull. Even in death those stories keep going if someone is willing to tell them. Somebody will listen, somebody will remember, and somebody will tell it to someone else. The only thing lonelier than a book that’s been closed and put back on the shelf to get dusty is the book that never got opened in the first place.

Memento mori is a Medieval Latin Christian practice of the reflection of mortality. It means, “Remember that you mist die.” By realizing and accepting that your mortal coil must at some point be unwound you turn your attention to the immortal soul. It’s not just religion, even science says that matter can not be destroyed, but becomes something else, changed from one form to another. I’ve told stories about the dead. To remember the dead you celebrate their life. I tell stories about the living. To love is to not forget.

The world is full of ordinary, beautiful people who make the lives of the ones around them better on a daily basis. They change their world, person by person, every day. They’re my heroes, they’re the ones I love, they’re the reasons why I tell my stories.

“It’s your story. It’s up to you how you tell it. You’re in charge. Nothing can happen that has the power to to take that way from you. You tell it well enough and even death is powerless because the ones you told will keep telling for you.”

I have no set plans on what kind of stories I’ll be telling here. I don’t want to close myself in with arbitrary parameters. Since it’s Halloween I’ll start with one of the first stories I had published, one that most of my friends have read already. After that it will be like I have been doing for the past ten years. There will be stories about the places I’ve seen and the people I have met along the way. There will be some “spooky” stories, funny stories, maybe even a love story or two. It will depend on you and what is on my mind. There will be some old stories retold. There will be some new stories told for the first time. There will be stories.
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20 is a short term goal. I have no idea how this will work out but 20 is a start. At 20 patrons I'll give an update for my long term goals. I'll post the stories whether I have 1 patron or 100. The stories, the writing, is not dependent on the number of people who take the time to support me.
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