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For $10 Once a month you will get a chance to have a one on one discussion to share ideas, ask questions, give constructive criticism, create goals, or discuss future videos you may want to see. 
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About KC Drone Dudes

We are a KC Drone Dudes. We are a brand new startup in KC hoping to supply great aerial cinematography for clients. We love making new videos every month to post on our youtube channel as a way to learn, get feedback, and be creative. We are hoping to be able to upgrade some of our equipment to be able to do more graphically demanding jobs such as relating, golf courses, ads, etc. More info is on our website https://kcdronedudes.wixsite.com/kcdronedudes.
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When we reach $500 per month, we will upload three times a month instead of once, and do an open questionnaire on twitch live stream with our patrons to get live feedback and answer questions. Lastly, we will post announcements every week thanking new patrons and give updates to see what we are working on.
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