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Any amount $1 or more will get you access to Backer Blog (BB) where I will post sketches, unfinished pages, finished but not posted pages, and other secret stuff for you only. Only for you. For You, this will only be. Thank you for anything.




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About KC Green

Hi! I'm KC Green and I've done comics for a long time. A lot of them are still available for viewing on my main site kcgreendotcom.com but you'd be better off just reading He is a Good Boy. Or BACK, the comic I write and my friend Anthony draws. You might probably know Gunshow better, it was a comic I did for 6 years then put to rest.

I'd like to just focus on making comics, animated comics, stories, and stupid tweets for you as long as I can and not have to do work for other people. Not that I don't like the other people I do work for, but more often than not, an artist will always rather do their own thing. And this is true in my case. I want to continue doing the things I do without having to worry too much where the money comes from, cus most of the stuff I do is online and for free. I like to keep it like that and you can help me out!

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