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About Larissa Redeker


Who I'm am? An artist that basically lives inside the world of games and 3D modeling, not only as a gamer, but as developer too. And I like to write stories.

So, I'm joining my ability with 3D modeling with the passion for telling stories, specially the ones with illustrations, and comics. And still making games too.

I work with Unity, Blender, Photoshop, Substance Painter and Manga Studio now.

3D in Comics

My first project using 3D in comics is something a little different than telling a story: it's a guide into the 3D world.

The " Artistic Neuron 3D Tutorials" is a serie of tutorials about 3D modeling, focusing the theory and concepts, in a comic format. Here I try to explain how to make models, specially for games, independent of the software you want to use. It will not be "how to make a dragon in Blender", but "how you can make a dragon, choose your weapons".

The comic is published on Tapastic for now, maybe I publish it on other places, like my website. Here is the link:

I'm planning to work again in my old comics (they can be found in my Tapastic profile), but using 3D to make comics need a lot of planning before starting to publish them, so it will take some more time.


My first game was a 2D top-down shooter, made with Unity, called Fire at Will. In the game you are a pilot of a robot, and need to rescue scientists trapped in a laboratory. Very simple.

It is available for download (Windows) or to play online: or

And I have some games in development too. When I have a good portion of work to show, I'll put them on IndieDB.

Where you can follow my work

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