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HERE'S THE SITUATION: With the collapse of the print market, I lost 90% of my clients.  Now I find myself drawing more than ever before, yet barely making a living..

I would rather create quality over quantity, and with your support, I  will!  Your patronage will help offset the costs of raising a family in this crazy, mixed-up world...And allow me  to concentrate on the work I'm best at:  Funny, thought-provoking cartoons!!

Thank you so, so much!

Keef (ye olde gentleman cartoonist)

If you're not familiar with my work, here's what I do:

COMICS- In addition to my weekly comic strips, Patreon supporters will have access to rarely seen one-offs, comic strip interviews and reviews, multi-page pieces, and sneak peeks at future projects. 

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$1/month: A wink and a nod for me to keep doing what I'm doin'. Keep Keefin' On!! Cheers!
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$3/month: You get access to my two weekly cartoons around the same time as my Round Table members (Only my wife/kids see it before you!)  You'll be the envy of dozens!!
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$5 per month: Access to the weekly toons, plus a signed Keef kard!
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$10 per month: You'll get the comics, signed Keef kard, and a (th)ink enamel pin!
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$15/month : All of the above, plus a signed print of your choice!
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$25 per month: The above, plus I will draw your favorite Knight Life character on a postcard busting out a couplet of original Nerd-core rhymes about you or your mother. (Plus other stuff I cannot mention at the moment)
per month
$50 per month: Everything above besides the postcard, plus I will call you and thank you personally. (plus some stuff I cannot mention--they're surprises!)
per month
You will receive a one-of-a kind gift box, curated by the Incredible Cuteness of Being!! The box will be filled with at least 5 pieces of ephemera: Zines, toys, Keef books, original art and  stones.  Weird! Bizarre! Strange! Fun! Plus I'll call and thank you personally!!

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$100/month: You'll get the comics, a piece of original art, and I will buy you a beer or coffee at my favorite local spot (Caffe Driade/the Baxter) here in Chapel Hill, NC! (But it's up to you to get here!) Plus: I'll call you on the phone and thank you personally!

per month
Anyone who contributes to this tier is essentially covering my kids' martial arts classes.  You'll get every book and calendar I publish, starting from the time you become a patron at this tier. You will hover atop the infamous list of gratitude.  Plus my kids will call to thank you.
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Upon reaching this goal, I will bring a unpublished, sorta not-so-secret project to my Patreon page!
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