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Hey! My name is Keehan Roberts and I am a 2d/3d artist currently in the progress of creating and polishing games that are in development with ideas that are yet to be built. These games are indie developed and aim for Alpha releases and full releases early 2016. Everything included in this page will be in development regardless of the set goals and all funds will support the growth of these projects :)
Let me tell you a little bit about our games.

Mine Upgrade
Mine Upgrade is a 2d point and click game based on gathering minerals and selling them to the market to increase your bank! It features multiple rock types, rare random drop types, upgrades and various equipment to collect your minerals. You can play it here.
Edit: iOS versions available now!

Elfin is a rich content driven survival rpg game based on collecting resources to stay alive and crafting them in to items to build up your player. Based on magic and spell casting, it is up to you whether you explore the mysteries behind Elfin and/or drive your way through a deep story to help you conquer the secrets within and reward yourself with beastly spells and items.
Edit: Alpha demo coming soon?

Trail Cube
Released on GameJolt December 2015. Just a little game I experimented with. You can play this one for free and enjoy the pretty visuals.

Trail Cube
YOU HAVE 60 SECONDS is a fast-paced linear racer and well, I think you know the rest.

Classic Enhanced FPS
Flip! A small gravity defying game to help kill nasty time :-)

Classic Enhanced FPS
This project is heavily inspired by the Doom and Build games and is intended to create a game based on the classic nostalgic feel of these games but at a modern standard featuring nicely lit BSP maps and fast pace in-your-face weapons.

This is a big oppertunity for me and will construct the life of my projects greatly. Thankyou for being apart of my game development journey!
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Future Content and Licenses
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