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About Keekat Creations

Hey there!

I'm Chelsea! I make replica props and costumes, namely from video games, both for commission and for fun. Some things I've made are Corrin's armor from Fire Emblem: Fates, Maiev Shadowsong from Warcraft, and several costumes from Dragon Age Inquisition. My ultimate goal is to become a full-time professional propmaker with the ability to make high-quality and unique stuff and to love doing it. It's quite a climb, sure, but that's just what makes it so rewarding!

OWEVER, building an effective work space requires a fair bit of investment, and while I don't mind working in the family garage, it could use a few improvements! With your help, I'd be able to better organize my shop, purchase supplies and new tools (in this case, a bandsaw and lathe), and consequently be better at what I love doing most (aside from eating): making really neat stuff!

As I start making write-ups, tutorials, and other rewards, I'll continue to upgrade them with cooler things in exchange for your much appreciated funding!


15% complete
Funding will go toward tools, supplies, and other upgrades for my workshop to help build quality props more efficiently! I would also love to be able to stream or record progress and tutorials in a more professional atmosphere. :)
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