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About Christopher Keelty

Hi there! My name is Chris, and I'm engaged in a lot of creative work. Along with periodically drawing political cartoons, I regularly write essays. Often these are about politics, but the topics vary. Both the cartoons and essays are readily available at

I'm also hard at work on a novel, which I intend to finish in 2017 and begin shopping to agents and publishers. I prefer not to talk much about fiction before it's finished, but I will share that this one is about a young woman living in Harlem, raised and trained as an assassin, who falls in love and realizes there is more to life. That's all you're getting for now--unless you're a patron, in which case I might answer some questions.

I also tweet a lot, which people seem to enjoy. But while all of these creative activities take a lot of time, they don't earn me any money! These days it's harder than ever for creative-types to make a living, and I'd sure appreciate your patronage to help finance my work and pay for some of the expenses (like computer hardware, raw materials, Internet service, and web hosting) I have to cover. Did you know that those rare times a blog post goes viral, it actually costs me more money? Isn't that crazy?? If I'm lucky, I recoup about $100 a year from Google ads on my site.

So please, if you like what I'm putting into the world, I'd love to have your financial support. And if you have suggestions about ways I can acknowledge my patrons, I'm always happy to hear them.

-- Chris
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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