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Oh muse! Three small will be rewarded with a custom handwritten and illustrated #poegram, inspired by whatever you choose! Want to dictate the meter? I'm down for the challenge. I'll dedicate the poem to you or whomever you like when I post it to Patreon. But first I'll send you the first print copy of it, along with some other goodies. Neither snow nor rain nor nuclear apocalypse will prevent my envelope of nurtured words from reaching your eyeballs. Well, maybe the last one, since none of us will have eyeballs. 




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Hello! Thanks so much for taking a look at my page!

My name is Keely and I’m an aspiring writer, currently building my portfolio while embracing the daily grind of submitting poems and short fiction pieces to literary journals and contests.

Each written creation that I post to Patreon also comes with a piece of other original artwork to complement it. Many poets and authors from William Blake to Kurt Vonnegut have chosen to illustrate their own work, and while I’m no master engraver I still indulge the compulsion to accompany my writing with some sort of extra-textual component. What’s so exciting is that technology now permits literary illustration to take an ever-expanding number of forms, and I am ripe with anticipation to create them! 

I'm currently taking courses in coding and game design to broaden my scope of available narrative mediums, and I'm thrilled to begin a year-long Interactive Media Certificate Program this Fall, which will develop my skills in all of the industry-standard programs for digital storytelling.

My goal for the near future is to create immersive narrative experiences with video, audio, animation, and eventually even games and other literary-minded interactive media. To this end, each Patron's pledge will most likely ride along in my pocket to a craft store or cruise on some rainbow road in cyberspace to an online purveyor of media software to enhance my creations. 

and a super special thanks to my amazing boyfriend Jon Kleiner for shooting and editing my page video! You can see more of his work at

Hope to see you again soon!

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Patron, I'm not looking to swim around in a pool of money like Scrooge McDuck; I'll be satisfied to sit in a mere sinkful of your amazing support.

By the end of this summer I'll have enough poetry to edit into a collection. I'll give digital copies to all my Patrons, with prints available to order!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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