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Thank you for the support! It might not seem much, but I value small pledges as much as any other – they mean a lot. There's not much I can offer in exchange, but you're welcome to join our little channel on Discord and participate in discussions.
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  • Access to Specialist perks, which are given for free to all players above Level 100. 
  • 1 full star next to your character name on the player list.
  • 4 additional upgrade bars for owned dealership vehicles.
  • Ability to lock own dealership vehicles.
Workshop Contributor
per month
  • Your character name will appear across every garage, unlocking 3 additional upgrade bars for every player including yourself.
  • Customizable license plates and paint styles for individual dealership vehicles.
  • 2 full stars next to your character name on the player list.
  • 7 additional upgrade bars for owned dealership vehicles.
  • Ability to purchase two exclusive dealership vehicles (and keep them).
  • All rewards from Specialist tier that aren't mentioned in this tier.



About keeri

Hi there!

What do you do?
I love game development, and one of my largest projects is the roleplay server created for Just Cause 2: Multiplayer Mod. The gamemode has a great amount of features that allow players to take part in the story of Panau after the events of Just Cause 2 campaign.

Any plans?
At the moment I'm mostly focused on maintaining the JC2-MP project, and experimenting with other ideas outside of it.

Why do you need my help?
I am currently independent, and Patreon funding is the only way for me to be able to continue developing my personal projects, and remain in contact with the community, without having to work on paid side-projects. No matter how much you can contribute, I truly appreciate it, and it is a really great help.

Thank you for taking the time to check this page!

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As a friendly reminder, while I'm glad to share any benefits that come with pledging, the pledges are donations in the first place! Please don't feel like there is a price tag on things. Rewards from the higher tiers have an increasing negative impact on server network and performance, as well as the client FPS, therefor I'm not able to share them with free players or lower tier supporters, as much as I'd want to.
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