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About Kathy Kerner

      I’m an artist with a passion for science. I have over 10 years' experience with metalsmithing and 4+ years working at a platinum foundry for aerospace, medical, and jewelry parts. I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Craft with an emphasis in metalsmithing from Oregon College of Art and Craft and am currently wanting to go for my masters in Aero/Astro Engineering.
      I strive to create elegance as well as function in design. I spend my spare time encouraging others in my community to get excited about STEM. My artistic talent and passion for science are valuable assets that can be utilized to encourage interest and make science more accessible to the general public. A jewelry piece could spark a conversation with a stranger or you receive a print to gift to someone. People are drawn to art in various ways; it can connect them to something they're not familiar with and invoke feelings towards something they normally wouldn't have the chance to.

      I'm looking to you, the community, to join me in my adventure in creating art with a focus on STEM. While working full time and supporting a family member, I don't have the ability to create like I used to when I was in school. With extra help I can get those supplies to make art again and hopefully spark some curiosity with new people.  As I gain more support in my journey, I will be adding new goals and rewards.
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When I reach $500 per month, I'll be able to start cranking out production on STEM art and open a shop to the public. 
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