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About Keipiripiri

Hi, this is Kirin/Ash! I'm an illustrator about to study his second year of illustration/animation at university. I draw lots of fanart of my favourite characters (Granblue Fantasy, Yakuza, other games etc.) and sometimes I like to produce original merch and fan merch such as stickers and charms. I am currently in the early stages of working on my first webcomic, 'MEGALOMANIA'.

Megalomania is a project I've been working on for 2-3 years now that originally started with 2 original characters I created. From there, I've built and expanded an entire world that they and plenty of other characters live in and deal with their hardships in an unfair and discriminating society.

I've always wanted Megalomania to become a medium that I can share with the world so I recently decided to produce it as a webcomic! This patreon will not only be showcasing and selling my original/fan work but will document my progress on the project, and I might be looking for people to help me along the way.

I hope you enjoy following me on this journey to equality! And of course, any donations to help me with my project and university living are more than greatly appreciated.
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Once I reach $100 a month, I will produce more charms and host a giveaway!
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