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(If we make it to my second goal of $5000/mth, I will include a  chapter series for this tier as well, entitled Shadow Lover. I'm very excited to write it and share it with you, so let's work hard together to make this happen.)

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About Keisha Kellee

Let me start off by saying thank you for taking the time to check out my page. I'll even be so bold as to thank in advance for your support and appreciation of my work.

Before I could promote my page on Patreon, I had to decide what type of change I could make in this world for the better. I always get asked for writing advice and guidance, and I just want the record keepers of the world coming up behind me to have the same passion, love, and appreciation for the craft that I do. For my introverts, I want to put a megaphone to their voices and help them become the artists they were born to be. Art programs in schools get cut more and more each year, and in present days our children's future is in a larger state of uncertainty. Children need outlets to express themselves and challenge their minds, or we lose them to a monochromatic absent-minded life of depression and debt.

I had an instructor tell me once that as a writer I should take whatever writing job I can find to support the type of writing I love to do. To an extent, I agree but after writing a training manual, research papers, and articles I could care less for; I found that they drained my creative energies. I felt I was on the verge of depression because I was so disheartened. Between school, my son, and these types of technical writings, I barely had time (if any) to be the writer that I am. I couldn't express myself the way I wanted. Now, thanks to Patreon I have the opportunity to be the free-spirited writer I was born to be and I can help other budding artists along the way. There are lots of fun stuff for patrons, so please check out what level of patronage best fits you and don't forget to share this page with everyone you know.

I have been writing for as long as I can remember and up until this point, I would consider myself to be a starving artist. Let's be real; no artist gets into this profession for the money because if they did, disappointment would coat their days. THEIR DAYS!!! Thanks to Patreon, social media, and the world wide web, artists can finally get their work out to larger audiences, and the "starving artist" moniker can get laid to rest.
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Feed Me Seymour.  Thank you so so much for supporting my writing journey.  You make it possible for me to eat and to feed my son using my writing talents.  In celebration of reaching this goal, I will write and publish a book with my son entitled The Adventures of Splatman.  It is the superhero he created and it inspired me to make a game based on the character.  This time I will make a book for you to enjoy.  
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