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About Keith Burgun

Here are two expressions which capture what I'm about:"game design theory, and games designed with theory", and also, "responsible formalism".

I am interested in advancing the discipline of game design and its surrounding discourse
. What that means is, I want people, including myself, to find out how to create better rulesets for interactive entertainment—especially strategy games. But I also think it's always important to remember that the things we make go out into the world and affect people, and we're responsible for those effects.

Here's some of the stuff I do!

  • I write articles, both for my site and for other sites such as Gamasutra and Polygon.
  • I design games - but not just any games. Games that test game design theory, such as my own upcoming Escape the Omnochronom!
  • I run a podcast that talks in-depth about game design topics and includes interviews with many smart designers and thinkers
  • I write books on game design—I've written Game Design Theory and Clockwork Game Design, so far.
  • I create videos on game design, such as 3 Minute Game Design and others.
  • I moderate reddit's /r/gamedesign subreddit, which I also helped design.
  • I run my own forum and Discord communities
  • I sometimes teach game design at local art schools, as well as give talks at universities.

Last year I put out the first title for my company, Keith Burgun Games, called Escape the Omnochronom! (Steam and It's an innovative single-player tactical strategy game based on lane pushing; kinda like DotA meets Rogue-likes. It's a good example of why Patreon is so good for what I do. It's a weird, experimental game, and that means that things don't always work out the way I intend, at least not at first. Patreon gives me some flexibility to try new things and keep the project going, even if it's not polished enough to be a viable commercial game (although I'd love to get it there at some point).

The game I'm currently working on is called Escape the Omnochronom, an innovative single player tactical strategy game based on lane-pushing. It's sort of like DotA meets Rogue-likes. More about this game soon.

I've also got two other games in the works: Chess Mix and Paraid. More on them soon!

All of this stuff takes a ton of time and effort. If you think what I do is worth supporting, please consider becoming a patron. By doing so, you will get access to some extra content, early builds of my games, and other neat stuff.

Check out 3 Minute Game Design's first episode below as an example of what I do. Otherwise, find out more about my work at my site: Thanks for reading!

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At 40 patrons, I will do a monthly video series talking about what's been going on, with my games, with my writing, and other projects that are happening.
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