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About Keith C Smith

Who doesn't have the dream of being able to make a living as an artist? It’s every artist’s dream, but most of us have to continue to keep a non-artistic job and follow our creative path in the margins, whenever we get a little free time. While I have no expectations that I will ever make enough money drawing my odd little comics to quit my day job, I'd love to at least be able to make enough buy a donut or two to eat while I create.

By becoming a patron and supporting my endeavor, you enable me to spend more time creating great comics for you, as well as some really weird and odd sketches (like the one above.) The comic itself is available free, but to entice people to lend their support, I’m offering an opportunity to see into the creative process of my mind.

To thank you for pledging to support me with $1 per month, I’ll give you access to the patron only area of this site, but you'll also be able to access a private area of my personal website ( where you'll get to see into the twisted and tormented mind of a cartoonist. You'll see all the fun sketches that go into creating a new character, as well as some of the works in progress for future projects.

Patrons that pledge $5 a month will get access to the behind-the-scenes material, and will also make a guest appearance in Tiny Tots! I know everyone has always wanted to be in a comic strip, and this is your chance to fulfill a lifelong dream!

$10 a month gets you all of the above, but your character not only makes a guest appearance, they will be featured as a recurring character. You'll also receive a digital sketch of your character to do with as you please.

$20 a month gets all of the above plus an artist’s trading card of your Tiny Tots character in full color.

$100 a month gets the full package, everything above with the addition of a 9"x12" original illustration of an epic fight scene involving your character and various evil doers... unless of course your character is an evil doer. Picture something like the illustration below. I could also be persuaded to provide you with an alibi. (For minor crimes only, for serious crimes it might need to be a bit higher.)

If enough people show me some love, I will be able to spend more time working on producing art, including a fun project based on the ongoing bedtime story I have been telling my wife every night for many years. Now you are pretty curious about that, aren’t you?

So please help me buy a donut, I promise you won't regret it.
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