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Hello friends!
My name is Kirsten McKenzie. I've been doing art for as long as I can remember and for many years have dreamed of making art as my full time job. I love sharing my creations with people as well as bringing other people's ideas to life. The past year I have seen such huge growth that I'm so blessed and excited to see. I'm so humbled and honored that so many people would take interest in my art and take the time to support me-- whether it's by buying a commission, print, watching my streaming, or just leaving encouraging comments on my art posts. 

What does Patreon do?
Patreon is a fantastic tool that helps small businesses and other creators get additional financial support for their projects. It's also a unique way for me to give back to my great supporters without making me go broke. It will also help me keep doing what I do by helping with art supply costs, and help me expand my business with new tools and equipment. 

What will you get?
If you choose to become a Patron, you will receive and be eligible to receive many rewards and even more as I continue to grow and expand. These things include anything from free monthly coloring pages to monthly raffle giveaways. Depending on the pledge that you make, you may receive different rewards. If you don't wish to be a continual supporter, you can of course pledge any amount and get the rewards for one month, and then stop your pledge with no problem! Every little bit helps :).

How will this work?
Patreon will charge your card at the beginning within the first couple days of each month. After the card has been processed, all rewards will be available and mailed out within the first 5-7 days of each month (after the card has been processed).

Thank you for your support! <3

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