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Tips are how baristas make ends meet. As thanks for your support, you'll access to the dev log. 

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As thanks for your support, I will make you a custom pixel sprite (one image) based on references or a clear description, as well as the above goodies :)

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As thanks, I will make a custom animated pixel sprite (a 4 image animation) based on references or a clear description. :)




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About Kel-E

I'm Kel-E!

Programming simple games is an old hobby of mine I want to revive. I was worried about my ability to program something more complicated than a visual novel, but my only art skills can be find in pixel art. Then I thought, why not combine the two?

My current project is BF Battles, a simple visual novel that parodies dating sims and monster raising games. BF Battles will be released as four small episodes. The beta for episode 1 should be released around the end of May.

As a barista I have a flexible schedule, and all the support that goes to my patreon will allow me to spend more time on making games and less time making lattes.

In addition to pixel art games, I also draw comics and write fiction, which might be used as patron goodies.

Thank you for dropping by!
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If we reach this goal, I will dedicate time to weekly devlog updates!
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