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is creating an anti-bullying music video
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For just $1, you will receive a download of my demo of, "Always Here", which was recorded in my home and sounds similar to the one on my YouTube video. This version of the song is kept simple, with just vocals and piano. See next reward to get the fully-produced version, with strings, drums, all the right 'feels'
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For this small amount, you will receive an exclusive download of my fully-produced song, "Always Here", which will be the song featured in the music video. This version of the song can't be found anywhere online yet, so you will be one of the first to have it for yourself. Written by myself, produced by Adam Coltman & I at Sticky Studios.
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About Kelly Donovan


Hi, I’m Kelly Donovan. Nice to meet you! I’m a British singer-songwriter, in my early 20’s, who spends most of my time bumping into things, and trying to figure out how to be an adult… then I turn it into a song.

The sensation I get from playing my own songs, at an intimate London venue, to a receptive crowd, has to be the best feeling. I still find it surreal that listeners can actually find some sort of joy or comfort from the words I’ve written in my bedroom. I just pray that this is something that will continue to grow so I can experience that feeling for a long time… and that’s where you come in!

I’ve recently taken a year out of posting music on YouTube, and other platforms, and I felt I was in need of some self-development. Of course, I’ve still been writing music, but I’m glad I’ve taken to time to figure out what I actually want to release. In this time, I’ve moved to central London, which I’m certain has helped develop myself in the way I want.

So, with that in mind, I want to begin again. Music is all about reinvention and truth. If you’re not being true to yourself, it surely can’t be possible to write music that speaks truth. I’ve always wanted to share things that I believe in, and this is where I plan to start. 


I want to reinvent my song, "Always Here", which I posted on YouTube, back in 2013. This song was written with the topic of anti-bullying, and particularly eating disorders, in mind. It has had the most beautiful comments and feedback from listeners, letting me know how it has touched and inspired them in some way. Therefore, I have been in the studio, reproducing the track and trying to give it all the right 'feels', and all I need now before I launch my EP, is a music video. 
$80 of $2,000 per video
Once I've raised the funds for the music video, some fab video guys, from GreenTea Productions and Circle Studio, who I recently met via Twitter, have agreed to help me get the vision I want for this song. Of course, the equipment and locations for this are expensive, especially in Central London! Luckily, my best friends happen to be actors and dancers, so they're going to be featured wherever possible. However, I'm likely to need either a director or choreographer, depending on the storyline we choose for the video, so this will be another expense we need to consider. 

Once the music video is filmed, it'll be edited and released online, along with the song on iTunes & Spotify. I cannot wait for you all to hear the new, fully-produced version!

Of course, all of this isn't cheap. I've been saving up from my side job to try to make this happen, but realistically, for the budget I need to make a high-quality video, it just won't cut it as most of my savings ends up being spent on London rent, bills & food. So, I've come here to Patreon, after a recommendation from a friend, to ask if there is anyway you can help!

For every donation that can help me make this a reality, you will receive something in return! Whether it be a song download, four-track EP or handwritten lyrics. Once the song & video are up on iTunes & YouTube, I will be donating 50% of the profits made, from all revenue streams, to UK based anti-bullying charity, Ditch The Label. I want to stand up and be a voice for those who need one. So, let's make it happen!
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