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**UPDATE 21/12/2018** We have decided to release an exclusive EP for free called Bus 21 in lead up to the main release of 'A delicate procedure' in January 2019. Find your free copy here:

Kelebek Evrimi - Turkish for butterfly Evolution, is symbolic of the dark places humanity has retreated to in order to blossom and discover that place of absolute resolve.

Kelebek Evrimi is a progressive ethno-western folk fusion with members hailing from Istanbul, Bulgaria and Perth Western Australia.It is an experimental traditional music project bringing the beauty of the east to the shores of the west.

Tracks from their upcoming debut release 'A delicate procedure' (Jan 2019) give a feel of what is possible when we take the time to peer into the rich harmonies, tones, rhythms and poetry the east has to offer.

The lead singer and guitarist Monti Karus (aka Monty Cash Music) is an internationally acclaimed street performer that hails from Perth, Western Australia he has travelled Turkey and Europe in the past five years with street music as his primary form of income.

Kate (Kah-teh, aka Katerina Dimitrovska) originally from Skopje in Macedonia plays the Bendir (frame drum), gadulka (traditional violin-like instrument from Bulgaria) and sings the second vocals.
Omar (aka Umur Sadico, an afghan-american living in Istanbul and Berlin) plays the amazing deep-sounding Lebanese Oud.

Guests Dejan Spasovic and Goce also contributed for this exciting new production which was recorded recently by the passionate Evitsa (aka Straf) in Skopje (late 2018).
The joint style of Monti, Kate and Omar has been developed from years of street performance in Turkey, France, Germany, Greece and the Balkans. Each with their own style, have contributed unique attributes to this daring project.

Stay tuned for more from Kelebek Evrimi!
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