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Hey I'm Kelli Jean,

You may have landed on this page because you just watched my Ted Talk called " Enough with the fear of fat " - if so thanks for checking out my talk!
If not you should check it out ! here is the link .

I am a multidisciplinary artist that has been making work that centres fat peoples bodies and lives for nearly 20 years.  5 years ago I had a coffee with woman called Kate Champion, she is kinda a big deal in Australian dance theatre and founded the award winning dance theatre company Force Majeure . Kate had been at the premiere of my documentary film called Aquaporko! -a story about Melbourne's fat femme synchronised swim team. At the end of our meeting Kate asked me to work with her on a dance theatre production featuring an entire cast of fat performers and for Sydney Festival no less. To put if simply, I was floored. Have you ever been given an opportunity so unthinkable, so perfect, so wild that you just can't not do it? That was Nothing to Lose for me. I knew Kate and I were onto something, ahem, huge.

To make a long story short, Nothing to Lose the theatre production was a huge hit, had sold out seasons in Sydney and Melbourne Australia, made international media waves aplenty and like changed a lot of peoples relationships to their bodies, NBD. You can read more about Nothing to Lose the live show at

Which brings me to this Patreon campaign. Nothing to Lose - The Documentary is an truly independent production. Myself and a team of dedicated filmmakers  captured the Nothing to Lose journey since the first auditions, all without pay and with borrowed equipment and maxing out my credit cards. This is a true passion project people, in every sense of the word, which has been in various stages of production for nearly 4 years now. 

Of course no one can live on creative energy alone, so I have needed to dip in and out of editing the film between paid gigs, and that really slows down the production. But I am nothing if not determined, I am so dedicated to finishing this film, it will happen. The WHEN is up to you! 

I'm not expecting to earn a dime off this film, or even recoup the funds I have invested in making it thus far. Simply to be able to cover minimum expenses in order to finish this project would mean the world to not only me, but to the entire cast and crew of Nothing to Lose. This production changed people's relationships to their own an other peoples bodies and I believe this film will do the same for an even broader audience. And we already have a huge audience waiting to see the film. 

This is where YOU can get involved, I have created some exclusive rewards to encourage you to become a Patreon and with your monthly support - yes even just $1 a month, I could put the day job on the back burner and focus full time on finishing this documentary.

If enough folks want to help , my next goal would be to employ a finishing editor to work with me to polish and fine cut the film, to be my much need outside eye. Objectivity is essential in creating a brilliant documentary.

And if even more people want to donate as little as a $1, these funds would go towards costly but essential filmmaking expenses. Things like professional colour grading to make the film look great and sound mixing and mastering of the final film. We also need to pay for marketing, distribution and film festival fees. 

It would be s great if you decide to become a Patron but also just sharing this link with your networks would be a massive help.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

With Love,
Kelli Jean Drinkwater

$1 of $2,000 per month
Once we hit $2000 a month I will be able to focus all of my creative energy and time on finishing the film. This kind of support will cover my basic cost of living (rent,bills etc) and allow me to work full time on finishing this feature documentary.
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