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About Kelsey Art Hendricks

Thank you for coming to visit my patreon! If this is your first time looking at my work, welcome! If you've seen my work before on Tumblr, Twitter, or Youtube, good to see you again!

After losing my creative connection with the world for about four years, I finally got back to seriously drawing a little less than a year ago. Since then, i have made leaps and bounds and improved greatly in my opinion. 

The Burning Mare fanart collection is a collection that imagines an Equestrian Festival like Burning Man... FOR PONIES! currently, I'm ONLY making SFW versions, but when I get the means to make my own prints, I'll start making NSFW versions.

I'm also opening myself up for commissions, so if you like my work and want to see me draw your Ponisona as a Burning Mare pony, contact me!

If you're even considering being a Patron, thanks you so much for your consideration. If you already are a patron, thank your so much from the bottom of my heart.
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If we reach this goal, I can afford my own All-in-One printer. That means I can make my own prints. That means cheaper prints, cheaper commissions, and I can start my NWSF collection.
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