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About Kelsey Hayne

Hello world!

My name is Kelsey. Welcome and thank you for joining me in my adventure! I'm an American whose been spending the past 1.5 years fulfilling my lifelong desire to travel and photograph the world. It's been the most incredible time of my life, and I'd love to use Patreon to help me give back to others in assisting with their travel and/or photography goals, while simultaneously continue to see more of the world and share my experiences and knowledge.

TRAVEL: I've noticed most travelers only share where they've gone and what they've seen, sometimes fun tidbits, but not the cold hard 'behind the scenes' facts that most people really want to hear. I want to bring transparency to the reality of long-term traveling and how to do it affordably. From my personal experience, I can help you plan your trips, recommend paths and resources to use, and guide you into the most well-rounded and seamless adventure. Plus, divulge some of the most entertaining/bizarre/@^$%# worthy memories :) As a solo female traveler, it has it's perks and inconveniences. 

PHOTOGRAPHY: As a professionally trained photographer in one of the world's best programs, I would love to use Patreon to connect with and mentor people to become better photographers! Whether you want to learn how to take better pictures, improve retouching skills, get constructive criticism on your current photos, or simply have transparent discussions on any photography related topic, I can be your person :) 

I look forward to connecting and working with you!

Warm regards,

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