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Like Pikmins, as small as they are, when united they can fight like giants!

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Thank you to use the money from your daily bread to help the channel and our projects <3

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Hello! All right? :)
My name is Kelvin G. Outeiro, or just KelvinOuteiro. I do live broadcasts on focusing on geek culture, technology and games, from the earliest to the beta releases and more recently I discovered a passion for Speedrun (speedrun is a competitive category of games where the goal is to zero a game in the shortest time possible, whether or not to use glitches and bugs).
In addition, I am an amateur photographer (still learning) and I cover the Hanamachi Japanese Culture Event, anime and geek culture in general! It happens here in Joinville, Santa Catarina.

The channel itself has already been more than 4 years, has undergone several phases and evolutions and more recently has gained relevance. To be able to give a better quality that he deserves, I need your help to make some of my ideals happen!


Padrim is a national crowdfunding platform that allows you to contribute to our content production. It's a solution for fans to financially support the work of content producers like me, where everyone chooses a budget that fits into their budget and contributes monthly to the project. With this money we will maintain our stream schedule, improve equipment, improve quality, acquire launching games, and put into practice projects such as Radio K.O. and others who need funds for their execution.


If you want help, choose a monthly amount that fits your budget, after all, do not intend to harm anyone. Even if you do not want or can not contribute do not worry, access to the stream is free and always will be! There are other ways you can collaborate, like sharing the channel and commenting on your reviews and opinions!
To support, click Sponsor here at the bottom or the bottom of the page, and choose the best form of payment and the amount you want to contribute. There will be a monthly charge on the ticket or credit card, your choice.


There are several rewards for those who collaborate, ranging from privileged access to Discord, closed group on facebook, channel products (t-shirts, mugs ...), among others ...
In addition, with the goals you beat and everyone can enjoy better lives, videos on youtube and other projects that have been on the shelf for some time!
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Don't let the show die!

Internet bills are a necessary evil, we pay a lot for a service that doesn't always meet our expectations, but at least provides us good things :)

With this goal beated, we'll have stream for every day of the week and perhaps on some weekends? LOL
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